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Guangzhou Dragon welding equipment limited is a set development, and design, and production, and sales, and service for one of professional roll welding machine manufacturers, and Flash on welding machine manufacturers, and Guangzhou automation equipment manufacturers, main production if spot machine, and straight sewing welding machine, and ring sewing welding machine, and radiator welding equipment, and copper aluminum tube on welding machine, and rims production equipment, and wash disc roll welding machine, and automatically soldering welding machine, and more axis NC welding machine, and steel pipe on welding machine, and network tablets welding machine, and weld whole flat machine, various automation equipment and the Automation line. Services cover automotive parts manufacturing, aerospace parts, road and bridge construction, electrical, metal fabrication, pressure vessels, refrigeration industries, such as the welding of non-ferrous metal materials. Company's products have been exported to countries around the world, including Italy, Russia, United States, Canada, Germany, Argentina, Peru, South Asia and the Middle East and other countries and regions and has passed the European CE certification, you can export any other EU country. Equipment quality, sincere sales and after-sales service are highly praised by customers established good cooperative relations for a long time.

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High stiffness structure welding pressure more stable, more stable secondary welding current constant current controller, millisecond current control the welding time is more refined, quality control of welding current waveform display better, mixed-mode inhibit welding spatter prevention of welding cold solder joint, welded elements of monitoring, welding quality, prevent full inspection and rework...

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